Eucharistic Chest 16th century



Cerca a.d. 1600


Carved, gilded, decorated, polychrome wood

The Eucharistic Chest is the tabernacle where the Holy Sacrament is held on the Holy Thursday Altar. Through its typology, it evokes the Arc of the Covenant.

Of architectonic structure, rectangular, and covered with a gabled top, the base is molded and tiered, from which turf is uprooted. The ledge is overhanging and molded.

The four lateral surfaces are richly decorated, with two pilasters on each side, finishing off in spirals. Rich polychrome quilts with rinceaux that alternate from red to blue on each surface. Each side consists of beautiful paintings of good style, with symbols of the Eucharist, like grapes and wheat. The openable front façade depicts a guard. Meanwhile, on the rear side there is a typical mannerist decoration of vegetable motif. The cover is richly adorned in polychrome. The interior is completely gilded and calls attention to the scratch work, repeating the same model from the exterior, but without polychrome.

Dimensions: 67 cm wide x 70 cm tall x 44 cm wide