Virgen del Carmen 17-18th century

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Granada School

17th-18th Century

Full-round sculpture

Polychrome carving

Of the Order of the Discalced Carmelites

It addresses the representation of the Virgen del Carmen. She is enthroned, without child and with a scapular in her right hand.

Of rhomboidal composition, with angular folds in the robes, the Virgin observes the spectator with arms open; she seems to receive him/her, but keeps herself rigid in her attitude, waiting. Her expression is deep, intense, sweet but at the same time intrusive; she seems to stir the spirit of whoever looks upon her, and it is disquieting. It gives away her belonging to an elevated world, not an earthly one. Her eyes are of glass, large and almond-shaped; they are half-closed, with extraordinarily smooth eyelids. The eyebrows continue from the nasal arch, giving a sensation of tranquility. The mouth is made small, closed, contained. Her neck is long and smooth, and her relaxed shoulders a projection of majesty and the elevation of the spirit.
Technical profusion of the polychrome of her robes. Rich estofas, gilded scratchings and intense colorations that offer great contrasts of light and color. Brave are the light/dark contrasts that reinforce the prominence of the embroidery, strengthening the rhythm and the amplitude of volume.

Height: 58 cm