Our history

Ramón Gualda was influenced by art in his youth, during his years of Parisian life. As a result he would dedicate his life to Art and History. Known as a connoisseur and art lover, as well as a scrupulous collector, in 1987 he founded R. Gualda Antiquarian with his wife Pilar, a tireless lover and business woman.

From her grandparents Marta has inherited the value of learning by observing, the importance of paying attention to the details, and the passion of collecting. Realizing the immensity of the human, the hand tailored divinity and the great design behind each artifact.

The original shop was located in the heart of Granada, Spain, home of the Alhambra, the most renowned building of the Moorish historical legacy.

In 2010 Marta reopened and took ownership of the family business and in 2019 the gallery moved from Granada to Charlotte, NC. She regularly attends shows around the country, despite traveling every few months to Spain to search for unique, charming and interesting artworks to satisfy her obsession and her clientele.

Her main task is exploring for treasures, besides rigorous study, the cataloging of works; counting with various opinions of specialists. With a local and global engagement and representing contemporary artists, curating seasonal exhibitions and encouraging participation of wider audiences.

“For me being a collector is a way of developing my intellect and culture, a response against the throw-away culture, and a way of being independent”

Marta Gualda