“Ovid Metamorphosis” Bargueño

Italy, 18th Century


18th C. 


“Ovid Metamorphosis”

Probably Naples, Italy

Ebony veneer, painted drawer fronts and inlaid interior

Bargueño: 24.5 inches H by 33 inches W by 13.5 inches D

Table: 29.5 inches H by 35 inches W by 21 inches D

$ 19,500.00 USD



Center door: abduction of Ganymede by

part of Jupiter transformed into an eagle.

On the left street, from top to bottom, we find more scenes taken from Ovid:Neptune and Cenis, the abduction of Europa, Mercury and Argos, Diana and Callisto and Venus and


In the right street, also from top to bottom, we see Meleager offering to

Atalanta the head of the Calydonian boar, Apollo and Coronis, Jason defeating the dragon of the Colchis, Vertumnus and Pomona and Cephalus and Procris.

(A complete research documentation of 21 pages could be provided) 

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