Andreas Cellarius

Harmonia Macrocosmica. Ed. 1708


The Harmonia Macrocosmica is a star atlas written by Andreas Cellarius and published in 1660 by Johannes Janssonius.

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The first part of the atlas contains copper plate prints depicting the world systems of Claudius Ptolemy, Nicolaus Copernicus, and Tycho Brahe. At the end are star maps of the classical and further constellations, the latter ones as introduced by Julius Schiller in his Coelum stellatum christianum of 1627.

For its importance in the history of celestial cartography, the Harmonia Macrocosmica is considered as one of the notable masterworks from the Golden Age of Dutch/Netherlandish cartography (c. 1570s–1670s), along with Abraham Ortelius’s Theatrum Orbis Terrarum and Johannes Blaeu’s Atlas Maior. It is often described as the most beautiful celestial atlas ever published.