Enric Planas Durà

Barcelona, 1921-1984



Floral Still-Life

Signed and Dated, 1953 Oil on Canvas

28 1/2 x 23 in.

30 x 24 3/4 in. (framed)

Known as “Planasdura,” Enric Planas Durá was a pioneer of abstract painting in Cataluña. He was a multifaceted and versatile artist, working with a range of techniques including painting, engraving, murals, stained glass, theatrical scenography, and sculpture, among others. He began his artistic studies at the Martínez Altés Academy, and was self-taught from 1940.

The debut of his artistic career was at the Alfa Galleries in Barcelona in 1943, where he exhibited an expressionist painting. Beginning in 1944, he exhibited individually in Barcelona, Madrid, Ripoll, Mataró, Ibiza, Palma de Mallorca, Florence, Venice, Rome, Milan, etc.

Planas Duras has a diverse list of accomplishments, including the Alejandría Biennale and in 1974 he was awarded a prize from the City of Barcelona. He has works on display in the Reina Sofía Contemporary Art in Madrid, the Museum of Contemporary Art in Barcelona, and in other public as well as private art galleries across Spain and around the world.

His works are signed with “Planasdurà,” conjoining his last names.

Museums and Collections:
Museum of Contemporary Art (MACBA), Barcelona.
Paul Klee Museum, Berna.
Reina Sofía Museum of Contemporary Art, Madrid.
Taipei Fine Arts Museum, Taipei.
Patio Herreriano Museum of Spanish Contemporary Art, Valladolid.