Abraham Segaar

Dutch, 1888-1962


“Still life with a skull”
Signed lower right corner, original 19th c. frame
Oil on canvas
30 H by 25 L inches
41 1/4 H by 37 1/4 L inches
The sumptuous brushstroke invites the senses, especially the view – which wants to discover what is hidden in the shadows – and to the touch – which is eager to explore the warm and rough textures of the mud, the coldness of the glass, the softness of a binding. However, the resounding presence of the human skull, a symbol of death, refers directly to the passing character of life and its pleasures. Around it the gloom seems to grow and swallow everything, the vessels are empty and the lamp off, even the proud peacock has lost its feathers, which appear scattered throughout the scene.

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