Attributed to Pedro de Raxis

Spanish, Alcalá la Real 1555-1626 Granada

“Rest of the Flight into Egypt”
Unsigned, original 16th c. Frame
Oil on canvas
57’5 H by 39’5 L
Wrapped in a fresh, clear and transparent atmosphere, Mary welcomes her Son, contemplates him lovingly, sweetly, and offers her breast.


The Infant Jesus, dressed in a beautiful embroidered robe, hugs her and turns his gaze toward us, with an expression of infinite tenderness. Everything is beautiful and soft in this intimate scene of calm emotion. Joseph tilts his face towards the Child and gently extends his hand with a protective gesture; flying over the Holy Family, a little angel drops wild flowers on Jesus; San Juanito’s complicit look introduces us to the scene, inviting us to participate in it. On this harmonious picture, however, a fatal shadow looms: Saint John Child holds a cross of reeds and points to Jesus, touching our soul with the vision of innocence that will be sacrificed for the redemption of humanity.