Alvaro Albaladejo

Night Call, 2016


Pine wood, paint, PU resin and Onyx
63 by 35 2/5 by 17 6/8 inches
Night call is part of a series of investigations around the figures of the pyramid and the obelisk that Álvaro Albaladejo carries out between 2016 and 2019.

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The pyramidal form is a spatial paradigm with hardly any references in the art of the twentieth century, but that , however, can be found in the form of bursts in the work of American artists who worked from minimalism. The peculiarity of the pyramidal form consists in breaking with the spatial relationships that determine the logic of the cube and the cylinder, that is, of the organization of the orthogonal space and of the human body. On the contrary, the pyramid is vertex and edge, that is to say, a figure that projects to the top and closes on itself. Night call breaks this projection by causing the tip to fall forward, but nevertheless, it moves the vertigo of the vertex to the concentric veins of the onyx stone, where the eye is lost. It is a scene where the alterations in the field of vision, the falling tip, the deep color, the concentric waves, are related to the hallucinated images of the dream.