Alvaro Albaladejo

Elegy, 2015


Acrylic and natural pigment on wood
7 7/8 by 28 1/3 by 2 inches
The paradox of Elegy consists in drawing a celestial vault in a rhomboidal shape.

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The work delimits a piece of night sky, but, unlike a window or a telescope, when contemplating Elegy it is as if we are looking from a device that is not of this world. And yet, the night keeps turning with its deep prussian blues forming clouds or nebulas and crossed by a myriad of dots or stars. Elegy is associated with several fragments of broken columns. In ancient times the temples were representations of the cosmos and the columns supported the sky that opened inside. The farthest and the closest coincided. In the case of Elegy, the columns fall to the ground and the starry sky closes and moves away, present, but more enigmatic.