Alvaro Albaladejo

Thriller K, 2015


Black methacrylate and natural pigments on wood
31 9/10 by 63 4/5 inches
Thriller K is a work that Álvaro Albaladejo presented in a sample entitled Laps and Twilight and that revolved around black color and animation, that is, around the possibility of activating objects through the possibilities of black color.

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In this case, Thriller K is a work formed by two apparently identical black equilateral triangles arranged symmetrically. When the eye stops for a little longer on them, however, it perceives that they possess not only different surfaces, but that they have opposite properties. In the case of the right triangle, a black methacrylate surface is treated on a black background, a type of finish that not only reflects the light, but also welcomes the shapes of the light around it, so that the surface is Modify when we approach or move around. The triangle on the left, on the other hand, not only does not reflect light, but absorbs it in its entirety due to a pigment base in suspension. The symmetry between the triangles deceives the mind, so that the eye moves tirelessly from one surface to the other, trying to recompose an identity that only exists in us. The title refers to the atmosphere of excitement and suspense that the thrillers cause in the audience.