Alvaro Albaladejo

No Title, 2016


Perforated wood and paint
82 3/4 by 2 3/4 by 2 6/8 inches
The aim of the Solomonic column has always been to make the eye move endlessly between the curves of its shaft.

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It is about producing movement, of animating the object, of making the room vibrate and come alive. The spiral is inevitably an image of the infinite. However, the Solomonic column only moves in a symbolic way, because, in the background, due to its symmetry, it rests on itself. This untitled work by Álvaro Albaladejo approaches the idea of ​​endless movement of the Solomon column, but it does so through a formal displacement. If in the Solomonic columns the basement and the capital align, in this work Albaladejo dislodges the upper part of the lower one, causing one of the cubes to rotate until they are at an angle of 45º with respect to the other. Through this displacement of one of the auctions, the Albaladejo column is animated, rotating and twisting vertiginously and making the room vibrate and really turn on.