Spectre´s Movements

By Alvaro Albaladejo
ELEGY (2015)

Acrylic and natural pigment on wood
47.24 by 28.35 by 2 inches


“The centrality of the physical aspect of the vision in his work is related to an alternative genealogy of modernity”

In the work of Álvaro Albaladejo, his eye is always out of mind. From his first works, the sharpening of the sensory experience has been one of his fundamental preoccupations.

The centrality of the physical aspect of the vision in his work is related to an alternative genealogy of modernity that calls into question not so much what is seen but the specificity and limitations of the act of seeing itself.
By eliminating the distance of contemplation and thus reaching the eye immediately, violently, this radicalism of the retinal of which Albaladejo participates confronts the idea of the observer, neutral reflexive. The other main aspect of his work has been to develop this project with in the limits of the sculptural.


Black methacrylate and natural pigment on wood
31.89 by 63.78 inches

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In order to attack the eye, Albaladejo introduces in his sculptures a series of devices or concussion strategies that interrupt and differ the apprehension of the work, causing not only strangeness but even experiences close to disorientation and hallucination.

The eye is abyssed in his sculptures fascinated by the combination of surface effects and spectral shapes. In this way, beset by paradoxes and contradictions, the gaze is wrecked and, in the vertigo of the fall, the act of perceiving it self becomes one of the main themes of his work. Through unconventional uses of trompe l’oeil and animation, as well as the effects of certain forms and materials, what Albaladejo gives to see when disturbing the look is the fragile frontier that separates material reality from psychic reality, which is seen and what is projected. In this sense, Albaladejo is a sculptor not only of the object, of the perceived but of the perception itself, of its radical instability.

Night Call presents a series of works by Albaladejo in dialogue with the artifacts of Marta Gualda. The exhibition aims to explore the associations and unexpected encounters between works of contemporary art and antiques, such as those that occur between works such as Night Call and the painting by Pedro de Raxis or between Elegy and the ancient columns. The works of Albaladejo included in the exhibition put into operation different hallucination technologies such as reflection, spiral, or trompe l’oeil, whose function is to make the field of vision unstable. Although they belong to different spaces and times, contemporary artworks and artifacts share the same enigma character and capacities to amaze.

Witten and curated by Javier Sanchez Martínez
Flower Arrangement by Ariadne Zitsos Thread Floral 


Pine, wood, paint, PU resin, and onyx
63 by 35.43 by 17. 71 inches

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